Volksschule Lustenau-Rotkreuz is one of four Primary Schools in Lustenau, a semi-urban community of 22.000 inhabitants, located at the alpine river Rhine right at the border to Switzerland. The Lake of Constance (Bodensee) is nearby. Lustenau has a high number of immigrants, mainly from Turkey, and their children make up the multi-national character of our school.

An Austrian Primary School has 4 grades with children aged 6 - 10. There is a pre-school class which has the character of mixed Kindergarten and school for children who do better with an additional year to develop. Most teachers are classroom teachers with some support from specialized teachers, mainly on the fields of language teaching for immigrant children. Religious instruction is compulsory in catholic, protestant, orthodox or islamic religion but parents can restrain their children from it.

Lessons are mainly in the mornings and on one or two afternoons. There is a free homework supervision and some free subjects in the afternoons. So far only few children make use of the lunch service which the community has started to launch at the beginning of this school year 2014. All other children have their lunch at home.

Our school has a good reputation in project teaching and our European school partner projects are part of it. We have a strong focus on art and craft and excursions as well as class trips to some alpine place. English plays a subordinate role at an Austrian Primary School, children have one lesson a week. We have a computer room and most classes have 1 - 3 PCs in their room.

Our school building is a typical example of school architecture from the sixties, and it does not meet the needs of modern teaching any more at our full satisfaction. There are plans either to completely rebuild or replace it in the near future.

Have a look at our everyday school life at the annual chronicles (- Berichte - Schuljahr ) to get an impression of what our school is like.